3 Main HOA Winter Practices to Keep Everyone Safe

3 Main HOA Winter Practices to Keep Everyone Safe

February 6, 2019 10:45 am

Even if you’ve been lucky to enjoy a relatively mild winter so far, you shouldn’t relax completely. February and March can bring many unpleasant surprises when weather is concerned. That said, proper preparation for harsher winter weather is always a smart thing to do. This is also true for HOA winter practices that you may want to take up in order to make everyone in your community and association safer. So, what are the three absolute essentials that you need to keep in check? Read on.


1. Make sure your walkways are safe

Walkways during the colder winter months can be a real hazardous zone if not properly taken care of. As icy, snowy and wet walkway surfaces can get really slippery, the members of your community can be in danger of bad falls. In order to prevent this from happening, make sure to always have enough salt to use on icy walkways. Regular cleaning and “watch out” signs should also be a part of your routine. In case you live in an area with lots of snow, make sure that the snow removal equipment is ready. It would also be helpful to have contact information of professional snow and ice removal services, too; just to be on the safe side.


2. Check whether there are some cold rooms

One of the must-do HOA winter practices includes the regular checkups of rooms that may have the potential for becoming unusually cold. In general, electrical rooms, rooms used for storage, cables, gadgets, etc. as well as parking spaces can have their temperature drop dangerously low. Make sure to notify your management company about this issue as soon as you notice it. In case you don’t have a management company, it’s paramount that you take the necessary measures. In the case of neglect, cold rooms can cause all sorts of problems and damage such as false alarms, pipes freezing, issues with HVAC, and so on.  If you’re quick and efficient to solve these problems, your residents will be happy and satisfied as well; not to mention safer.


3. Stay open and transparent in your communication with the residents

If you want to keep your community safe with effective HOA winter practices, you have to remember that your residents need to be informed about potential weather risks, too. Not only that, but it would be extremely helpful and effective to hold lectures that would deal with the basic safety measures during the unfavorable elements. What’s more, keep them notified about the potential safety issues over emails. Also, make sure that your HOA’s social media page is regularly updated. Of course, stay open and transparent when finances are concerned, especially in regards to your safety plans. In the end, it’s essential that everyone in your community understands all of the regulated safety plans.


Don’t wait for winter time to arrive to talk to your residents and HOA members about the potential issues, safety plans, and necessary HOA winter practices. Being prepared in advance also means more time to enjoy the holidays and relax at one’s home when it’s too cold outside. Having a management company assist you would be a great deal of help, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at Boom Properties. We will make sure that your property and community management issues are well taken care of.

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