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HOA Board New Year Resolutions You Should Keep

January 16, 2019 7:54 am

Just like you’re eager to make some personal changes in order to better yourself, HOA board New Year resolutions can also set your homeowner’s association for the right path in the following months. Of course, you’re probably interested in resolutions that make sense and are realistically achievable. Not to mention that they definitely should make a difference for your community. If you’re looking for ideas, don’t hesitate to consider the following:


Check and inspect your HOA repair needs

Repairs, improvements, and replacements will always be necessary. The more amenities and common areas you have in your HOA, the financial needs will get bigger. However, you don’t want to settle for anything less than what your community deserves. In that respect, making the most out of your repair resources should undoubtedly be one of your HOA board New Year resolutions. If you’re not too keen on budgeting yourself so that you can accumulate the resources, you can always make use of HOA management companies.


Go through the governing documents again

Why not use this year to have everyone read or remind themselves about the association’s governing documents? After all, many people have never read this, while some new rule changes can always come as a surprise. This is why it’s always better to create an opportunity for your board members to actually read these. It will also refresh your memory. What’s more, when everyone is familiar with the governing documents and the general board rules, you will find it easier to complete various tasks related to your community’s benefits.


Consider forming HOA Committees

If your last year was mostly filled with concern since board members couldn’t find the time to deal with their board duties and you’ve been burnt out as a leader, maybe you should try something new. It’s only natural that board members have to think about their jobs and families first, which is why forming new HOA committees may be the most helpful thing to do. You can even recruit new active members who will assist you with various issues.


Seize the opportunities to boost board knowledge

Educating your board members more when it comes to their skills and knowledge can really come in handy. Of course, the first ones to benefit from this will be the HOA board members themselves. But, this truly is one of the very important HOA board New Year resolutions as it will also leave room for the homeowners to improve and better their own community as well.


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