How to Keep Your HOA Board Meetings under One Hour - people at the meeting

How to Keep Your HOA Board Meetings under One Hour

November 21, 2018 11:28 am

It may seem like an impossible mission but it’s true – you really can keep your HOA board meetings under one hour! Even though there are plenty of topics to discuss, you can make sure that each and every one is settled rather quickly, with proper preparation and the following tips.

Change the meeting hour

It’s not uncommon for HOA board meetings to take place in the evening after work hours. This truly seems logical as it’s more likely for all HOA board members to attend during this time of day. However, this also means that everyone’s concentration and energy levels will be rather low. Try your best to schedule your meetings during the day, even if you have to do it during the weekends. The more focused you all are the faster different issues will be resolved.

Prepare the board members

If you want to keep your HOA board meetings under one hour, it’s not enough to just prepare for the meeting yourself; you have to prepare the members as well. This is a rather simple practice which can make a huge difference. Remember to send a detailed itinerary to the members so that everyone’s aware of the pressing issues that need to be discussed without distractions.

Follow a schedule

Together with the itinerary, you send out to the board members, it would be useful to add a specific time frame for every topic of discussion. That way, everyone will be aware of how much time you expect the discussions to last. And if anyone has something more to add, they can email you before the meeting.

One important topic at a time

You can’t expect people to be motivated or focused enough to discuss several different and very important topics during just one meeting. There are always things to fix when it comes to HOA, but not all of these things are pressing. Therefore, reserve just one hot topic per one meeting so that the hottest issues are more effectively solved.

Step up when necessary

Board president or community association manager can also help keep your HOA board meetings under one hour. Don’t hesitate to encourage them to break the conversation if necessary in order to get back on track. It’s not uncommon for these meetings to last a long time simply because the discussions drifted off from the main topic completely.

Keep track of time

Another useful practice for holding hour-long board meetings involves keeping track of time. Have someone mark the time that was spent discussing each topic on the schedule for every meeting. This will give the members a better understanding of how they should use their time during these meetings, while the community will also have a better insight in how the issues are being solved and discussed at the meetings.


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