Relocating to Boulder

Relocating to Boulder: The Best Questions CEOs Are Asking

October 20, 2016 7:57 am

The reasons are obvious. 300 days of sunshine, hours away from world class ski destinations, a stable and growing economy, it is no wonder that businesses are relocating to Boulder and the greater Colorado.

There are many reasons for relocating to Boulder: it is the home of CU Boulder and an outdoors activity mecca, ranging from cycling and rock climbing to amazing cuisine and outdoor shopping.  With the diversity of tourists and locals, Boulder is a consistently thriving community offering more opportunities for start-ups, small business owners, large corporations, health & wellness enthusiasts, and techies alike.

Boulder attracts great talent, making real estate within the community significantly important.  The expertise of a broker who knows the area, the demographics and the best places for you and your business to flourish is equally as important.
So what should you keep in mind when you consider relocating to Boulder ad begin looking for an office space that matches your company culture?

    •    Location:
-Are your employees/customers nearby?
-Easily accessible?
-How will people get to your office if you have an active office? Trails, bike racks, ect.

    •    Condition:
-Is the building southwest facing with a view of the iconic Flatirons?
-Is the building up to date? Energy codes, HVAC, mechanical, etc.

 •    Opportunity:
-What types of expansion opportunities are there for this location?
-Does the building have good visibility so that customers can easily locate your business?

These are just a few of the trends/questions that we keep in mind while helping businesses look for office space in Boulder, CO.

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