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Industrial Space Broadens Horizons in Boulder County

September 20, 2016 7:57 am

What kind of business will you find in your local warehouse? These days, it might be anything from a shipping company to a hip tech startup — industrial space is in demand.

There was a time in commercial real estate when “industrial space” meant just that. It was large, open buildings designed to accommodate warehousing operations, manufacturing equipment and processes, and heavy shipping traffic.

Industrial businesses rely on having such spaces to operate, but today, industrial parks have opened up to a diverse mix of tenants. In Boulder County, this shift means an increased demand for industrial space from non-industrial businesses.

Beautiful downtown Boulder is hot, competition for business spaces is fierce, and rents are high. Thus, office-based and retail businesses are looking for creative alternatives.

For many of these businesses, industrial parks may fit the bill. Located outside of the traditional business corridor, the buildings in these parks may offer flexible arrangements for a variety of tenants.

Office-based businesses may be looking for space that is open, allowing for enhanced collaboration among employees. Or, they may want to share a larger space with one or more other businesses as they grow.

Retail businesses may find ready sales traffic for the more diverse population in industrial parks today. And retail businesses that conduct eCommerce in addition to running a brick-and-mortar location may appreciate the ability to store inventory and manage both sides of the business from one location.

In Boulder, industrial space in less-finished buildings, away from downtown, can be less expensive.

However, if you’re considering moving your business to a non-traditional space, it’s critical to work with a broker that can help you find a space that will work for you.

A broker who works with a variety of property types will be able to offer you diverse options. In a tight market like Boulder, that guidance can make the difference between moving into a space that will “do for now” and one that actually serves your needs.

A local broker will know about properties that are available or may soon come to market. And a diligent broker will also work to provide detailed history of each property to help you choose wisely.

These days, businesses are open to a new way of working, and that includes new spaces, too! Whether you are a manufacturer looking to expand your facilities or a startup looking for alternatives for office space, the first step of your journey is getting the right information.

Are you looking to break out of the traditional office space mold?

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