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3 HOA Trends to Look Out for This Year

July 4, 2018 9:49 am

Just like everything else, HOA trends are ever-changing. In order for your community to thrive, it’s important that you know everything about new trends. That knowledge will ensure better future for your association.


1. More need for licensed property managers

One of the biggest HOA trends for this year is all about an increase in demand for licensed property managers. While this element wasn’t as crucial before, nowadays a licensed property manager can do a lot more for the community and its association. Essentially, licensed managers have better qualifications. Therefore, they offer a safer and more effective and professional range of services to HOA. This also includes better financial management and understanding of industry trends.


2. Investing in HOA management software

Even though not all associations adopted a property management software, the trend is clearly popular this year. After all, such software makes a huge difference when it comes to the efficiency of HOA and the community. For starters, a property management software means that there will be less workload for HOA members. This is all thanks to the ability to automate certain processes. Moreover, logging information, rules, plans, assessments and even paying bills and requesting maintenance can all be done via the said software. This is a turning point for HOA and COA managers, and the whole community, as monitoring and completion of the tasks will be made much simpler and easier.


3. HOA rules changes

In general, HOA rules exist in order to make a better community that’s harmonious and act as a whole. Obviously, the rules were made in order for everyone in the community to feel safe, protected and happy. However, one of the main HOA trends for this year begs the question of whether the rules have been too restrictive and limiting to the community. For instance, political flags and signs, as well as solar panels, have been matters of discussion among several different states when it comes to the possibility of changing the HOA rules in this regard. One can expect that the changes and revisions of HOA rules will continue this year on a national level.


We at Boom Properties strive to create and provide the best possible community conditions so that you can rely on our property management worry-free. If you want to improve your community, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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