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How to Find a Community Manager That Fits Your Community

September 5, 2018 12:13 pm

Obviously, experience is a very important factor for HOAs looking for the best community manager. However, experience shouldn’t be the determining factor in this case. You have to think about the right community manager that fits your community in all the best ways. After all, every community is different and has different needs and problems. This is precisely why it’s paramount for HOAs to take the character of the manager in consideration as well. Technical competence is a must, of course, but not at the cost of a personality fit.

The importance of finding the right community manager

As mentioned, it’s obvious that the community manager will be responsible for technical things such as getting contractor bids and issuing notices. But, this capability is a must for every professional manager. That doesn’t mean that this person will contribute to your community otherwise. And, this is precisely what you need to be looking for. Community manager that fits your community will also enhance your community and improve the relationship between the residents, management company and the HOA. Someone who is friendly and enthusiastic can definitely introduce some significant and positive changes to the community.

So, what can the HOA board do?

In order to find the right community manager, it’s not enough to just focus on the candidates from the start. You also need to be very honest about your community’s shortcomings, just like you would about its strengths. This is true for the board itself. That way you’ll literally create a list of things that your future community manager can help you with. And with that knowledge, you’ll be able to narrow down and get specific with your search for the right manager.

  • Most experienced is usually not the best choice

Experience is always welcome, but opting for the most experienced person automatically may not be the best option for your community in particular. Of course, there are always exceptions, but, the most experienced person may not necessarily be the right personality fit. If you want to make your community flourish, you simply cannot neglect personality traits that match both your community’s strengths and weaknesses.

  • Work with the management company

This isn’t something that HOA board should be left to deal with on its own. Don’t hesitate to communicate clearly and openly what you want from a community manager with your management company. That way, you’ll save time for everyone, and the company will be able to focus on looking for the right fit right away.

  • Take time to interview every candidate

In order to find a community manager that fits your community just right, you really need to spend some time talking with them. You won’t be able to make the right decision just by looking at the resumes. When you dedicate enough time to discuss different things, situations and responsibilities with potential candidates you’ll also be able to understand them better and see just how much their personalities fit the position.


Expressing your concerns and worries to the management company is essential for improving your community and finding the best person for the position of community manager. If you’re looking for someone to support you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Boom Properties.

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