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Learn the Best Practices of HOA Management

August 15, 2018 10:14 am

It’s important to know the best practices of HOA management regardless of the size of the community. That way, you’ll be able to learn just how efficient your own HOA is. Of course, learning about the most effective practices is always a great way to boost the HOA work as a board member, too.


Excellent communication

Proper communication between the board members and especially with the HOA manager is paramount for the success and efficiency of the HOA in general.


Complete transparency

HOA is a nonprofit organization that operates for the good of the whole community it represents. Therefore, one of the best practices of HOA management is to keep the records of everything (meetings, decisions, changes, etc.) readily available to the homeowners and board members at all times.


Board meeting prep

Regardless of the meeting’s topic, in order for it to be as detailed and effective as possible, the HOA manager has to prepare all the necessary documentation and information before the actual meeting takes place.


Fraud protection

You shouldn’t forget that the best practices of HOA management include the security and protection of assets; the management company needs to have a completely transparent process that is very clear to you.


HOA board makes decisions

HOA board is the only body responsible for decision-making when it comes to the betterment of the community. The management company is there to provide professional advice but should never try to make decisions instead of the HOA board.


No manager force-fitting

Different HOAs will agree and work well with different managers in terms of personality and skill. The management company is there to provide the board with the best fit for them. If the manager doesn’t suit the board’s needs, the board can request a change. It’s essential to keep this in mind as force-fitting is far from a good HOA management practice.


As a professional management company, we at Boom Properties are always there at your disposal. We are aware of just how important the work of the HOA board is and therefore want to make sure the management is top-notch as well.

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